Welcome to Seed Stewards

Fostering connections between plants, people and our shared traditions!

Join Us on a Seed Stewards Exploration

Seed Stewards is a hub where we can consider the web of relations that have connected and sustained human and plant communities for time immemorial.

What are the stories carried by our seeds? 

What are the histories illuminated by our foods? 

How can we collectively tend to plants and seeds in order to amplify and grow our traditions?

This platform is a way to bring us together to learn, listen and strategize.

SHARE recipes, stories, memories with one another!

LEARN and NERD out about the interesting lives of your favorite crops 

CREATE a cultural memory bank, with activities and zines for kids and families

BE INSPIRED by farmers and surprise guests, such as chefs, seed keepers, aunties, and more.

We believe that by recognizing the ways culture and plants inform each others’ evolutions, we can foster biodiversity, healthier ecosystems, and a more equitable food system.

This season we'll be supporting a cohort of "Seed Fellows" on a yearlong project. Come learn more about the processes that are reflected in our seeds!

Seed Stewards is a program of Second Generation Seeds. We are a collective of Asian American growers, inviting our community to lift up our narratives around Asian crops and their foodways.

Why You Should Join Us

All Seed Steward members will have access to:

  • A monthly zine with fun and useful information about each month's crop
  • Engaging activities for kids that will encourage learning and exploration
  • Materials and resources for growers
  • Conversations and classes for everything from seeding to eating
  • Virtual farm tours showing off our member farms
  • Monthly virtual potlucks featuring activities and special guests

A Big Thanks

Your contribution and membership will support the network of farmers, chefs, organizers, educators, and designers that help make Seed Stewards happen!